Our Leadership Team

Kayla Lebo


Lily Yonglin Chen

Peer Supervisor

Trayvon Smith

Peer Supervisor

Among her long list of nicknames, the most popular is Lily. She is a 17-year-old from Brooklyn, New York. As chief editor of the zine, she edits and formats the whole thing. Aside from journalism, she also spends a good portion of her time on her expensive hobby—photography. Her time here at CHALK is part of her journey of discovering herself. She hopes to someday pursue a career in law.

Trayvon is 20 year-old SF native that attends City College of San Francisco and San Francisco State University. For the past few years, Trayvon has prided himself to learn video editing and use Adobe tools to do graphic design at YL. He has always had a passion for photography and he vows his life to help others. Trayvon has been working at CHALK for approx. 1 year now and is currently serving the community as a YL supervisor.

In addition to being YL's coordinator, Kayla attends University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) as a dental student. Her love for the community and dentistry is evident through her philanthropic work with Smile for a Lifetime a non-profit she helped found in 2012 aimed at providing low income youth with an opportunity to receive full sponsorship for orthodontic care. In her free time she enjoys attending live music shows, urban hiking on San Francisco trails, and organizing Jewish Community events with JewCSF. She has been working for YouthLINE since she was a teenager and she continues to dedicate her life to supporting youth leadership and empowerment. "I'm a strong believer that with the proper tools and support, youth can achieve any goal they set their mind to."

Our Techies

Janay' Lee


Janay’ is a 18-year-old senior from Stockton, California. Awarded for her Communication and Critical Thinking skills, she loves to meet new people and can successfully connect with people from all walks of life because she’s lived in many places. She’s very passionate about helping others and supporting her community. She loves writing and all forms of art. She aspires to be a psychiatrist to help others problem solve or an attorney to advocate for her community.  

Nicole Stetsyuk


Nicole Stetsyuk, born and raised in San Francisco, she currently attends Lowell High School. She is passionate about her art and has a creative outlook on everything she does. She enjoys drawing and sharing her ideas through an artistic form. Other than art, she loves sharing time with the people closest to her, such as friends and family. She hopes she can pursue a career in engineering.

Henry Xie


Henry Xie is a 17-year-old freelance photographer that goes to George Washington High school. He is raised in San Francisco. Henry is passionate about photography. Either hanging out with friends or exploring around San Francisco he always bring his camera. Other than photography he loves to explore abandoned places and hang out with his friends.

Dexter Hom


Being a 17-year-old senior at Lowell High School, Dexter is a Mexinese San Francisco native. He is very passionate about gaming, getting good grades, and being social. Dexter likes to be social and volunteers by talking to the public at places like the SF Zoo. He wants to go to a UC and pursue a chemical or materials engineering degree and career. He also loves chickens even though he does not know the origins of his obsession.

Katerine Chung Chen


Katerine is a 18-year-old born and raised in Panama. She is currently attending Galileo High School. She is very proud of her ability of speaking different languages—Spanish, English, Hakka, Cantonese, French, and Mandarin. Coming from two cultural backgrounds—Asian and Latino—Katerine is the type of person to see the world from a different perspective. Not long ago, she moved to San Francisco seeking a better education and a better life. As for her future goals, she wants to give the best second chance for her family.

Ben Wu


Ben Wu is 16-year-old and attends Lowell High School as a sophomore. Ben is originally from China and has learn many other languages such as Korean. Ben enjoys photography and film. He produces many videos for school project and his own social media. With his ebullient personality, Ben has many interests such as painting, writing scripts and writing stories. In his future, Ben wants to attend UCLA and pursue a career that fits his own interest.

Kavya Seth


Kavya is a 18-year old born in Silicon Valley, who moved to SF a year ago. She is creative and likes learning new things. Her favorite subjects are biology, computer science, and art. Her hobbies are playing video games, listening to music, and drawing. When she grows up, she would like to work in a field that explores and deepens the relationship between technology and the brain, like artificial intelligence, neurotechnology, or mind-machine integration.

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